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Boarding school Perechyn

The boarding school in Perechyn was able to add year 10 and 11 to its curriculum in 2007. One of the boarding school’s extension buildings was completely renovated and five new living accommodations with multiple rooms were built. Each accommodation houses 6 to 8 youths and has its own bathroom. The five residencies have one central kitchen. The renovation started at the end of term before summer holidays in 2007, and completed by October 2007.
The adolescents will profit greatly when they are able to stay at boarding school for two more years. Before, they used to leave boarding school at fifteen. Further education is often substandard and the same applies for housing, although offered to youths by the Ukrainian government. When they are 17 or 18, the children are much more resilient. Above all, they are much better able to prepare for their future when accommodated and living in a familiar place. The children take classes at local schools in Perechyn.
Fred Foundation Ukraine coordinated the renovation and the total costs mounted to  €100,000. KidsRights, Wilde Ganzen, CHOE foundation and Fred Foundation together raised this sum. The Ukrainian government pays for the two extra years’ maintenance of the children at boarding school.