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Fred Foundation projects

Worldwide as well as close to its offices in the Netherlands, the Fred Foundation has financially supported projects that contributed to the empowerment of people in a variety of fields. Some of these projects have gone on to become self-supporting while others have run their course over a specific time period. Many of the projects have been (co)funded through StartFund, a programme by the Fred Foundation which ran untill 2014. The Fred Foundation continues to support projects in several countries, but mostly in the Netherlands, as well as make an impact through the Fred Foundation Ukraine. It has also recently started exploring a more active engagement in the implementation of certain projects.

In the menu on the left you find a selection of initiatives that were recently supported by the Fred Foundation.

Founder Fred Matser

Founder Fred Matser

Fred Matser is an inspiring humanitarian who, like many others, cares deeply about the future of the planet.

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