The Fred Foundation is affiliated with several other foundations that pursue common goals based on the same values.

This is how we realize our shared ambition

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By donating

We make donations from the Fred Foundation. We also lend our experience and network to inspirational initiatives around the world.

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By taking action

We also launch initiatives that allow us to learn and show how things can be done differently.

  • Through the ForestPeace Foundation, we are helping our own nature area Natuurplaats Binnenbos develop as naturally as possible.
  • Fred Foundation Ukraine has been providing much-needed assistance to residents of western Ukraine since 2002. We provide healthcare, housing and personal counselling.
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By investing

We invest our assets through the Flowfund Foundation to achieve our foundation’s goals. We invest in impact funds and social enterprises that promote sustainable energy, labour market participation and a healthier food system.

Go to the Flowfund Foundation page ⟶

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By investing in awareness

Through the Essentia Foundation, we are aiming for an accessible way of showing that materialism is inadequate.

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