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Wildlife Justice Commission
Justice Defenders
European Lawyers in Lesvos
Forward Inc

Onwards towards
a harmonious

Fred Foundation supports social initiatives dedicated to living life in harmony – harmony with ourselves and each other, and with nature.

We focus our efforts on

and climate

Together with social initiatives we restore and protect nature

Compassion for our
fellow humans

So that everyone has the chance
to live a good life


Because a well-functioning and open society matters to everyone

How we achieve
our goals

By donating

We contribute to practical, innovative and scalable initiatives, making the most of our experience and knowledge.

By taking action

We are hands-on, launching our own initiatives to show how things can be done differently.

By investing

We invest in impact funds and social enterprises through the Flowfund Foundation (Stichting Flowfund). This is how we put our assets directly to work for the causes supported by the Fred Foundation.


A selection of the initiatives is given below. A summary of all initiatives can be found here

Compassion for our fellow humans

European Lawyers

European Lawyers in Lesvos (ELIL) offers legal assistance to asylum seekers in Greece, both on the islands and on the mainland.

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Nature and climate


Meten=Weten stands up for the rights of people, animals and nature to have a healthy environment that is free of pesticides.

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Media Defense
Public interest

Media Defence

Media Defence provides legal help to journalists, citizen journalists and independent media across the world.

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Fred Matser

Fred is the founder, funder and chair of the Fred Foundation. After a successful career as a property developer, he decided in the 1980s to use his talent and assets to help create a better world. Fred wants to restore balance and harmony in society and he has set up several foundations that work towards that, including the Flowfund Foundation, the ForestPeace Foundation, the Essentia Foundation and the Fred Foundation.