Stichting Hoopheggen

What began in 2018 with just a few kilometres of hedgerows a year is starting to assume ever larger proportions.

About the initiative

Last year, Stichting Hoopheggen (the ‘Hope Hedge Foundation’) laid ten kilometres of hedgerows, and in the coming years they expect to lay dozens of kilometres more. Their mission is not only to create as many hedgerows as possible in the Netherlands but also to engage as many people as they can. The motto is not to sit pondering on the sidelines, but rather to get things done. Stichting Hoopheggen promotes:

That’s why we donate to Stichting Hoopheggen

Hoopheggen is a wonderful civic initiative with a positive outlook for getting things done and great potential for scaling up. Hedgerows are good for biodiversity, water retention, soil quality, cultural and historical value, air purification, and a better climate in the Netherlands.

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